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Reuse of packaging and raw materials

Ornithology & Art has sustainability as one of its values. Therefore, the manufactured products aim to follow this line ( eg mugs to replace plastic cups; ecobags to replace many plastic bags; polyester t-shirts that do not need to be ironed ).

In this way, we prioritize the reuse of packaging when sending products via the Post Office, so that there is a reduction in waste. Therefore, the products are usually packaged in boxes, newspapers and even plastics that previously packed other products.


The papers used in the raw material for sublimation are reused as drafts, for notes and even for printing documents on the back. The other waste, such as cardboard and paper clippings, are separated and delivered to people who have recycling as a source of income.

If possible, when removing your product from the packaging, try to reuse it.

Imagem com caixas reaproveitadas para embalagens.
Papéis reaproveitados.
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