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Terms of Use

All illustrations published on this page are by Fernando Igor de Godoy, who owns all rights according to the legislation in force in Brazil (Law No. and makes other arrangements). The use of images must be previously agreed with the author, who must determine the restrictions. It is reinforced, therefore, that no image may be commercialized under any conditions without the author's consent. The disclosure can be made as long as, according to good ethical conduct, there is citation of the author, such as sharing on social networks. This is undoubtedly the best way to leverage the site and therefore should not be prohibited.

The purchased/earned products may be photographed and/or appear in personal photographs, without restrictions, and only their reproduction is prohibited.

In case of misuse of images, mainly for commercial purposes, such as reproduction, the violator must bear the penalties provided for by law, including having to bear monetary costs (indemnity). The author may request the seizure of the reproduced copies or the suspension of publication.

Products sold with the art of the author's illustrations must be restricted to the agreed purpose only. In any case, reproduction is not permitted.

The author also takes care of the authorship of the images and guarantees that they are original, there is no copy of other works, they are not used without permission and/or violate any ethical conduct, as well as they DO NOT address prejudiced, racist, offensive and aggressive content.

The photographs used on the site are mostly by Fernando Igor de Godoy, and when they present images of faces that identify people, they were taken and used with their consent. Mockups made with images from websites of unrestricted use also value good conduct and cite the authors of the photographs.

Fernando Igor de Godoy

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