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Delivery Policy

The delivery time of orders varies according to the product, type of customization, quantity, availability and delivery address. For purchases on Brazil, the period will start only from the confirmation of purchase. After confirmation, it will take a maximum of 3 business days for your personalization, added, after the shipping deadline informed by the Post Office. In case of urgency, please contact us. In the case of specific customizations, the period may be longer, due to the creation time (eg painting of pictures, drawings of species in addition to the catalogue). For the state of São Paulo , we prioritize shipping via Sedex.

When making the purchase, it is possible to estimate the shipping time and value according to the shipment. In addition to the shipping address, the shipping cost may vary depending on the number of items ordered. It is emphasized that the shipping address must be strictly checked to avoid equivocal deliveries, which will not be the responsibility of the site.

The products will be delivered in reused packaging, aiming at waste reduction and sustainability, but we guarantee that they will be properly packaged in sanitized packaging. After opening, we recommend that, if possible, also try to reuse the packaging. It is emphasized the need to check the delivery, with refusal of receipt if the packaging is violated, damaged or any damage conditions.

In such conditions, inform immediately by e-mail:


If there is a change of address after purchase, please inform us immediately. However, it will not be possible to make changes to the purchase if the product has already been shipped.

For purchases in other countries, please contact us for a better estimate of prices and terms.

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