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Exchange, refund and return policy

The exchange policy is established in accordance with the CDC (Consumer Defense Code) which requires the exchange of products that are defective within 90 (ninety) days after receipt, or in case of regret, within 7 (seven) business days.

1.       Exchange in case of defect

In the event of a defect being found, the Customer must contact us to follow the instructions received so that the exchange order can be evaluated. It is established that:

1.1. If the defect is found upon delivery, the consumer must refuse receipt or request an exchange of the product immediately.

1.2. In case of defect of only one item in the purchase of more than one piece, kits or lots, only the same will be replaced, and the freight will be the responsibility of Ornitologia & Arte.

1.3. If the product to be exchanged is no longer available, or if there is any difference in the raw material (size, color, material), the best option for replacement will be agreed with the Customer or if there will be a need for a partial refund.
1.4. The Customer may opt for a refund for the defective product (eg in the case of purchase of more than one mug, the value of the broken mug will be refunded), and the amount will be refunded within 15 working days.

2. Return in case of regret

2.1. The products must be sent intact and complete, with no signs of use.

2.2. After requesting the return in case of withdrawal, there will be an evaluation to verify if the product has been used or damaged. In these cases, the return will not be possible.
2.3. Upon verifying the non-use of the product and its integrity, the Customer will be refunded.
2.4. In case of exchange for regret, the payment of freight for the goods will be the responsibility of the Customer, and the products must be sent perfectly packaged.

2.5. Personalized items, containing people's names, logos and personal symbols cannot be returned in case of regret. The same is valid for paintings of pictures and any items that require manual work, as these constitute a work/service contract and not only when purchasing a product. The regret must be communicated even during production to, at least, bear the expenses of the raw material(s).

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